Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Manneken Pis LV at The D Las Vegas

Owner of The D and master marketer Derek Stevens is back at it again as The D has unveiled their newest attraction - a replica version of the famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, Belgium.

The media frenzy started as The D published this wacky video of Derek Stevens holding an "executive board meeting" announcing that The D has signed the longest entertainment contract in Las Vegas history:

The next day a press conference was held to unveil the new bronze statue.

Photo: Kara Rutkin Instagram.

Here's what Derek Stevens had to say about Manneken Pis LV:

"Alright well today, I want to thank everyone for coming here. Today is going to be a great, great day. September 1st, 2015 will certainly go down as a great day in Las Vegas history.

First I want to start with just a little bit of history here. Manneken Pis, and it is pronounced that way - Manneken Pis was placed in Brussels, Belgium in the year 1619 and today has upwards of 5000 visitors a day come and visit with him.

He's created over 100 sustainable small businesses in and around a three block area in downtown Brussels. Manneken Pis in Brussels symbolizes the spirit of Brussels - which is youthful enthusiasm, an entrepreneurial spirit, a hard working attitude, while being friendly and fun loving. All various traits that we embrace here at The D Las Vegas.

When I was a very, very little boy, and then as I grew up, just as a little boy, and as a teenager, and really up to just a few weeks ago I visited Manneken Pis in Brussels, and I've always been amazed at the crowd that he draws, and the smiles that he brings. I've wanted to bring a version of Manneken Pis to Las Vegas for a number of years.

The D Las Vegas has now given my brother and I the opportunity to respect our Belgian ancestry, and also really give a tip of the cap to my parents who are both 100% Belgian. My mother was on the Belgian council for over 20 years, and my dad grew up in Brussels. He acutally attended the Royal Athenian high school of Brussels which is only a half block away from the original Manneken Pis.

Now today we've said that we signed the longest entertainment contract in Las Vegas history. A hundred year contract with the new and younger version of Manneken Pis, and today we unveil Manneken Pis LV.

In agreeing to this hundred year contract it was important for us to Vegas-size it. A lot's changed in the last 396 years. First and foremost Manneken Pis LV is more than double the size of the original Manneken Pis. Our version is over 500 pounds made out of bronze.

And also adapting to the modern day times, yet showing his youthfulness and entrepreneurial enthusiasm and his hard working attitude, Manneken Pis LV has committed to re-tweet every picture taken with him when he's tagged in a photo. Similar to his father who has over 900 outfits, Manneken Pis LV will begin to develop a seasonal wardrobe - it's going to be lighthearted, fun loving and friendly.

As a part of the long-term contract Manneken Pis LV is committed to bring in joy, a smile, a chuckle, and good fortune to all who visit. And lastly as part of our long term contract - in this day and age when TripAdvisor and Yelp are so important - Manneken Pis Las Vegas will always aim to please."