Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Blue Man Group moving to Monte Carlo in 2012

Blue Man Group will be moving from Venetian to Monte Carlo in 2012. To celebrate, Monte Carlo illuminated the hotel in blue. I think the blue light was supposed to be a mystery publicity stunt, with an official announcement tomorrow, but people figured it out pretty quickly.

Pic credit: Monte Carlo Twitter.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

BK Whopper Bar to open at Rio

The Burger King "Whopper Bar" concept has been making its way to some of the more popular tourist areas around the world. CityWalk at Universal Orlando was the first location, with Times Square soon to follow. It was only a matter of time before Las Vegas got a Whopper Bar. The Vegas location will be opening at Rio in March.

I'm usually a pretty big fast food fan, but I'm not so sure about the Whopper Bar. When I first heard the name I envisioned an actual bar where waitresses would serve beer along with your whopper. Something like your standard sports bar, but instead of "bar food" you would have access to an upscale version of the BK menu.

It turns out the Whopper Bar is less like an alcohol bar and more like a fixins' bar. From what I can gather it's a Burger King, but with a limited menu consisting of mostly whoppers. You get to customize your whopper with a bunch of toppings which are put on the burger right in front of you, like at Subway. It appears that some locations serve beer and some don't. I'm guessing Vegas will, but who knows.

While I'm sure the whoppers are delicious, I really don't think I would make a special trip to visit a Whopper Bar. It doesn't seem different enough from a standard issue Burger King to get me excited about piling my whopper full of toppings. Writing this blog post has made me very hungry though.

Source: Pulse of Vegas.

Monday, February 07, 2011

New UNLV Stadium Proposed

UNLV has revealed plans for a new proposed football stadium to be built on campus. The 40,000 seat indoor domed stadium would be the centerpiece of a mixed use campus revitalization project which would also include housing, retail and entertainment venues. The plan also calls for a refurbishment of the existing Thomas and Mack Center.

Having an indoor stadium gives more flexibility to host a wide array of events, including concerts, rodeo, WWE, UFC, ice staking and basketball. The venue would be fully equipped to be the home of an NBA, NHL or MLS professional team. The arena's floor could even be used to host a trade show or convention.

This is definitely an exciting project for both UNLV and the city of Las Vegas. The university will get a new stadium for its sports teams, and the city will get a modern arena to host some of its larger events. The proposed plans will go before the Nevada Board of Regents on Friday.

Update: September 18, 2015 - UNLV is looking at acquiring land on Tropicana Avenue a few blocks away from the Strip as a possible location for a new stadium.