Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Total Rewards Marketplace

Total Rewards has introduced a new way to earn Reward Credits without gambling. Using the new Total Rewards Marketplace, you can get 1 RC for every dollar spent at select online retailers.

The program seems pretty straightforward. Just go to the Total Rewards Marketplace, sign into your Total Rewards account, and start shopping.

The TR Marketplace seems like a good way to avoid the six month expiration date on Reward Credits. I have some credits that are expiring soon, so I might use this program to extend them instead of going to a casino. The credits take up to 45 days to post to your account though, so that might be a small hassle.

Some pretty big retailers are included in the program, like Target and Best Buy, so finding something to buy shouldn't be a problem. If you were going to buy anything from these places anyway, using the TR Marketplace seems like an easy way to pick up some extra points.

For more information: Total Rewards Marketplace.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Las Vegas World Beer Fest

A year long beer festival is coming to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas World Beer Fest is scheduled to begin October 13th. The fest will take place in the (parking lot?) area behind Ballys.

The festival will feature "500 different beers weekly ... along with 100 different microbrewers, cooking demonstrations, beer games, live bands, and the Brewers’ conference."

This looks like a fun thing to do in Vegas during the day. I can imagine people taking a break from the Strip to sneak off and enjoy some good beer. They are touting this as a "year long" event, but I can see it going on for a few years if it's successful.

For more info, check out Las Vegas World Beer Fest.