Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Las Vegas Cab Fare Increase

Taxi fares in Las Vegas are going up again. The Nevada Taxicab Authority recently approved a 20-cent-per-mile fuel surcharge. The extra fare is expected to go into effect at the beginning of May and will add about $1 to the average Las Vegas cab ride.

While I understand the need for taxi companies to compensate for fuel prices, I doubt they will be removing the new surcharge if gas prices go back down. It's a one way street.

Source: Vegas Inc.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Paul Carr Las Vegas Adventure

Paul Carr, a British author and columnist is heading to Las Vegas. His plan is to stay at a different Strip hotel every night over the course of a month. By his count he will be staying at 33 different joints. He will document the adventure via The Huffington Post.

The trip seems pretty unorganized. He is staying at Sahara for the first night (does he know it's closing?) After that he says, "I'll just follow the best deals along the strip, writing about whatever fun occurs along the way."

I've daydreamed about doing a trip like this. I suppose many Vegas geeks have thought about doing something similar. In my dream trip I plan on staying at every Vegas casino-hotel, including downtown and locals places. I think the count would be around 75 hotels.

I'll definitely be following Carr's daily updates. It looks like he will be writing a lot of human interest stories, which is fine but I hope he writes about the hotels also. Check out the first installment at Huffington Post. He also has a Twitter account where he will be updating his exploits.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Vegas Shows Celebrate Milestones

A bunch of Las Vegas shows have passed milestones recently:

- Donny and Marie celebrated their 500th show at Flamingo, and their contract has been extended into 2012.

- Matt Goss has been at Caesars Palace for one year.

- Barry Manilow has been at Paris for one year.

- Absinthe adult carnival has opened at Caesars Palace.

- KA celebrated their 3000th show at MGM Grand.