Friday, September 18, 2015

UNLV Eyeing Stadium Land near Strip

Way back in 2011 (yes, this blog has been around that long) I wrote about a possible new UNLV football stadium. Since then we haven't heard much about the stadium aside from some questioning over the price tag.

Recently the RJ has reported about some land deals that could pave the way for a new stadium. UNLV would purchase 42 acres which are currently owned by Wells Fargo, and would also acquire an additional 38 acres from Clark County.

If this happens, UNLV would essentially control a huge chunk of land on Tropicana Ave between Thomas and Mack and Koval. The stadium could end up being fairly close to the Strip, just across from the MGM Grand parking garage.

The big question is money. UNLV would have to issue debt to make the deal happen, and there's some debate over whether they should do that. Even if they get the land there's then a question of coming up with money to build the stadium, although it looks like UNLV will find productive uses for the land even if a stadium isn't built right away.

UNLV isn't known for its football program, but having a new stadium would certainly help. The stadium would be unique in this case because being in Las Vegas would open it up to hosting a multitude of events outside of football - like concerts, the rodeo, UFC and boxing, or even the Final Four or Super Bowl someday.