Sunday, February 17, 2013

UNLV Now Stadium faces Challenges

The new proposed stadium on the campus of UNLV, commonly known as UNLV Now is facing challenges. MGM Resorts International was a key early supporter of the project, but now that support is wavering as they have publicly questioned the expensive cost of the project.

A new stadium at UNLV is a great idea on paper. It would provide great new facilities for university athletic teams, along with providing a new, larger arena for some of the biggest events in Vegas like the National Finals Rodeo, UFC and concerts. It would also open up Las Vegas to possibly hosting premiere events like the Final Four and Super Bowl.

The price tag for the stadium is a large $800-900 million. Even though the community should benefit from the new stadium, the budget might be a little too big. I think if the stadium is going to get off the ground that number might have to come down a little bit.