Monday, August 31, 2015

Downtown Grand moves Table Games

Downtown Grand has seemingly struggled to attract gamblers ever since they opened the remodeled Lady Luck property back in 2013.

Shortly after rumors surfaced that the property was for sale, Downtown Grand issued a press release highlighting some changes at the casino.

Perhaps the most interesting change is the decision to move all of the table games into what used to be high limit areas. Essentially relegating table game players to small nooks off the casino floor.

I have mixed feelings about this change. On one hand I think it would be kind of cool to play in a secluded area like this, almost pretending to be a high roller for a day.

On the other hand playing high energy table games in a small secluded area might suck the life out of the games. Craps comes to mind as a game that I wouldn't really want to play in a quiet area.

Hiding the table games off to the side makes it less obvious that they are only open during certain times, and having a slot parlor feel on the main floor might give the appearance of more excitement - with less labor costs.

Downtown Grand is a nice property and I think most people are rooting for it to succeed. Hopefully some of these changes help them turn the property around, but we'll have to wait and see.