Sunday, August 30, 2015

Derek Stevens talks about Las Vegas Club

Derek Stevens is the owner of The D and Golden Gate hotels on Fremont Street. He was recently interviewed on Nevada Public Radio talking about his purchase of Las Vegas Club, among other things.

Stevens talked about how he's had his eye on Las Vegas Club for a while - unsuccessfully trying to buy the property five years ago.

His interest was renewed in a big way though when Las Vegas Club was talking about converting half of their casino into a drugstore. Stevens contended that people come to Las Vegas to see unique, spectacular things and he didn't want another run of the mill pharmacy as part of the tourist corridor.

The location of Las Vegas Club played a big role in the acquisition, as the Stevens owned Golden Gate is right across Fremont Street.

Renovation plans haven't been made yet as Stevens and team need to evaluate the "two separate, independent towers" that "were both built very differently."

One thing known though, when the property reopens it will have a new name. The previous owners of the property were staunchly unwilling sell the name as part of the deal, and Stevens wanted to re-brand the property anyway so it was a win-win.