Sunday, November 08, 2015

Fontainebleau Getting Building Wrap

The stalled Fontainebleau project at the north end of the Strip will be getting a building wrap in an attempt to make it look less like an eyesore.

County commissioners have been pressuring owner Carl Icahn to do something with the property for some time now. He now has 90 days to submit a plan and six months to complete it.

When I heard that Fontainebleau would be getting a building wrap, my first thought was "why"? The tower itself is topped out and is mostly glass so I didn't know how a wrap would help cosmetically.

It turns out the wrap will only cover the first three stories closest to the Strip. This part of the building does have exposed steel and is visible from the street, so I suppose a wrap will help hide that.

Both news3lv and KLAS TV produced pretty informative news stories about Fontainebleau. KLAS reported that Icahn is looking for $550 million to sell the property, which would be a nice profit from his $150 million purchase price.