Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ellis Island Steak Special

The days of really cheap food in Las Vegas are long gone. Look back at some old photos of Vegas and you're likely to see a sign or two for a $2.99 steak and eggs breakfast or a $4.99 prime rib dinner. Inflation has taken its toll and those deals really don't exist anymore.

One holdout over the years though has been the famous Ellis Island Steak Special. Starting at $7.99 (with players card and some slot play) you get a sirloin with choice of soup or salad, potato, and green beans.

The deal previously came with a beer from the property's brewery included, but that has apparently been discontinued.

Beer is really cheap at Ellis Island, so adding one will only cost you an extra buck or two, but it's still sad to see the steak special slightly diminished. I almost wish they had just raised the price instead of taking away the beer.