Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wayne Newton has turned Home into Museum

Five years ago today I wrote a blog post about how Wayne Newton was planning on turning his famous Casa de Shenandoah estate into a tourist attraction.

After half a decade that plan has finally came into fruition. Starting at $35 guests will be able to explore the manacured grounds, encounter horses and other wildlife, and tour a museum showcasing Wayne's cars and showbiz memorabilia.

As I speculated in my 2010 blog post, Wayne's private jet will also be on display - visitors will be able to step aboard to see how Mr. Las Vegas traveled back in the day.

The 52 acre Casa de Shenandoah certainly looks impressive, but I'm not exactly sure this is something I would take the time to visit on a Las Vegas vacation.

For all the info check out Casa de Shenandoah.