Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Player TV Show - Fake Las Vegas Hotels

The new Las Vegas TV series "The Player" premiered earlier tonight. The show stars Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester and Charity Wakefield. The somewhat ridiculous premise of the show is that ultra wealthy gamblers bet on whether crimes will be committed, and whether "The Player" will be able to intervene to prevent those crimes.

As I had speculated in my earlier blog post about The Player, despite the Las Vegas setting and loose gambling premise it seems this will be more of a standard action-crime drama and probably won't have much to do with Vegas itself. I'm guessing as the series goes on we'll see less and less of Las Vegas stuff, like what happened with CSI over the years.

One of the things I was looking forward to was seeing what type of artistic license the show would take with Las Vegas hotels.

Right off the bat we were presented with a fake hotel called Charlemagne located near Treasure Island:

Another fake hotel that was also in the trailer is called Occam and located right accross from Wynn where the proposed Alon Resort will be:

They even gave us a nice close up of this one:

Except seconds later there was this establishing shot where Occam was nowhere to be found. Oops.