Monday, July 27, 2015

Vegas Chatter is Closing

Popular Las Vegas blog will be shutting down at the end of the week.

Vegas Chatter is owned by publishing giant Condé Nast. While they clearly had a strong readership, it appears the blog wasn't making enough money for the parent company. I've also read rumors that Las Vegas wasn't a highbrow enough location for the upper crust Condé Nast image.

The blog was criticized for their puff pieces, but they did a few things very well. The first was posting constant content. Being a corporate owned blog they were obligated to make multiple posts per day, and they certainly did just that. The hardest part of blogging is keeping it updated, but Vegas Chatter never suffered from a lack of content.

Vegas Chatter was also able to employ several local Las Vegas writers who were able to go and report on new Vegas establishments shortly after they opened. While other Las Vegas blogs claim to have better insight and commentary, many of them are located outside of Las Vegas and lack that "man on the street" quality.