Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June 2015 Revenue and Visitation Numbers

June 2015 Gaming Revenue and Visitor Statistics have been released.

Las Vegas visitation was up 2.4% in June. Average room rates were pretty flat with the exception of Downtown, where they dropped 22.5%. I'm not exactly sure why rates dropped so much downtown but it's a welcome trend for bargain hunters.

Gaming numbers were hurt by lackluster high roller play as statewide baccarat was down 56% from last June. That 56% figure is huge, but this period in 2014 was exceptionally strong for baccarat, so a decline wasn't altogether unexpected. The weak baccarat resulted in Las Vegas Strip revenue down 16.31% overall.

It appears some of the factors that have caused a decline in Macau gaming could have reached Las Vegas. Those include tighter anti-corruption regulations that might prevent Chinese VIP players from travelling overseas. The strong dollar has also been mentioned as a part of the equation.

Downtown table games were strong across the board while slots were down - the combined total resulted in gaming revenue up 2.26%. The strength in the Las Vegas locals market continued on the Boulder Strip which was up 6.28% while North Las Vegas was down 0.13% year over year.

Aside from the soft baccarat numbers it looks like June was a pretty average month for both visitation and gaming statistics.