Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caesars Entertainment opens Ticket Booth

Caesars Entertainment has opened a small ticket booth on the Strip in front of Bally's. Actually I can't say for sure that it's owned by Caesars, but the only thing they are selling right now are All Stage Passes. That and the Caesars Pulse of Vegas blog had a story on the booth make me think that it is indeed owned by Caesars.

The booth looks just like one of the discount ticket booths that you see in various places around town. Although they only sell the All Stage Pass now, I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of Caesars shows go on sale individually in the future. Again though, I can't even say for sure the booth is owned or operated by Caesars, so most of this is speculation.

I guess it does make sense for a company that has so many shows to have their own discount ticket booth. Instead of off-loading extra tickets to a third party, why not just sell the discounted tickets yourself? It looks like Caesars Entertainment might do just that. I wonder how it will affect the other discounters around town if Caesars decides to keep their tickets completely in-house?

For more on the new ticket booth check out Pulse of Vegas.