Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sirens Sip - Outdoor Lounge opening at TI

Treasure Island announced that they are opening a new outdoor cocktail lounge called "Sirens Sip." The lounge will overlook Sirens Cove and should provide great views of the show.

The spot will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 5-11 pm. Not sure about cover charge, but the TI facebook page mentions a 2 drink minimum, so I think it's probably free admission with the drink minimum.

This space used to be occupied by the now-closed Christian Audigier nightclub, a club that was frequently voted worst nightclub in the city. Sirens Sip is taking over the outdoor space of the club, and the indoor space will be filled by another bar or club later this year.

Sirens Sip looks pretty nice, and it definitely seems like a better way to watch the Sirens show than fighting the crowd on LVB. Given the hours and location, I'm guessing this will draw an older crowd, probably a great place for a married couple to grab a few cocktails after dinner without going to a true "nightclub."

Source: Treasure Island Facebook.