Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lisa Marchese signs Cosmo Extension

Lisa Marchese has signed a deal which will keep her in her role as Chief Marketing Officer at Cosmopolitan for at least three years.

Marchese will earn a base salary of 400k a year, with a potential for up to 50% more in bonuses according to a filing with the SEC.

Lisa Marchese is responsible for booking many of the musical acts which have put Cosmopolitan on the map, including a newly announced Bruno Mars New Year's Eve show.

Having her continue to serve as Chief Marketing Officer is a definite plus for Cosmo, as she seems to have a good feel for attracting the "curious class" demographic they have become known for.

She's even been able to get more gamblers in the door as well, if the latest Cosmopolitan quarterly report is any indication.

For more about Lisa Marchese and her musical bookings at Cosmopolitan, check out this Las Vegas Weekly interview from 2012.