Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Bellagio Craps Inside Job Busted

Two former Bellagio craps dealers along with two accomplices were in court this week after they were busted cheating at a craps scheme carried out between 2012 and 2014. The group won over $1 million during that period.

An article in the RJ detailed the court proceedings.

The scam involved the players muttering unintelligible hop bets while the dice were being thrown. The dealers in on the scheme would then pay off the bets as if they were winners.

There was no place on the craps felt for hop bets at MGM Resort International properties at the time. That made it almost impossible for the "eye in the sky" to catch the illegal bets.

Ultimately another dealer noted the suspicious play and reported it to a supervisor. After a statistical analysis was done it was determined that odds of winning $1 million betting like these guys did was 1 in 452 billion.