Saturday, August 02, 2014

Westgate Las Vegas Resort

The property recently known as LVH and Las Vegas Hilton before that has been sold and is now Westgate Las Vegas Resort.

Westgate is known as a timeshare company, but only a small part of the hotel will be reserved for timeshare use. The focus instead will be on improving the resort and the guest experience - according to this article.

I've always liked this property. They have the best sportsbook in Las Vegas, and the rooms are a good value. The biggest drawback is the location, but the monorail can get you to the Strip pretty easily.

With SLS opening soon (also along the monorail) and the north Strip potentially seeing an upswing with Resorts World - Westgate could be in decent position to take advantage down the line.

It will be an uphill battle though. Westgate's location next to the convention center might be their best selling point - but at the same time could be a weakness in attracting non-convention visitors. I think the hotel has a reputation of being for business people and not a fun place to party.

Hopefully the new ownership can revitalize the place and turn things around.