Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wynn Funhouse Show and Billy Joel Rumors

With Garth Brooks recently ending his run at Encore, Steve Wynn has revealed plans for a new show to take his place at Encore Theater. Wynn told Robin Leach about the new "Funhouse" show, which he claims will be different from anything else on the Strip. The way Wynn described the show makes me think it will be somewhat similar to Le Reve, but Wynn claims it will be different from that and similar Cirque du Soleil type shows.

Casting and rehearsals for "Funhouse" are beginning immediately, with the show likely to make a late 2013 debut.

That time-frame leaves Encore Theater rather empty for the next year or so, which might give the following rumor some legs. Robin Leach is also reporting that Billy Joel might be taking over Encore Theater for New Years Eve, and could possibly stick around for a longer residency similar to what Garth Brooks did. This seems to be a good fit for the Wynn clientele, and would give Joel a nice one year run before "Funhouse" starts.