Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Western is Closed

The infamous Western Hotel and Casino downtown has closed.

This is news to me, as somehow I had thought the Western had already closed a few months ago. It looks like I was mistaken, as they only announced the closure on November 15th, but the official closing date was January 16th.

Either way, the property is now officially closed, as reported by KTNV.

The Western opened in 1970 and at the time was the world's largest bingo parlor. In recent years the casino was famous for its low limits which attracted an eccentric crowd of lowlifes. The actual hotel part of the property closed a few years back.

Tamares Group, the owner of the Western hasn't yet said what they're doing with the property. They will try to relocate the 90 employees at their other properties (Plaza, Vegas Club and Gold Spike).