Thursday, January 19, 2012

Las Vegas is Rude and Stressed Out

Las Vegas has ranked highly in unfavorable categories on two recent surveys.

Vegas was ranked #12 on a list of America's Rudest Cities by Travel and Leisure. New York was ranked number 1. Pretty much every major city in the country made this list though, so I'm not sure it means much.

Perhaps more troubling is LV's ranking as #2 on a list of Most Stressful Cities as ranked by CNBC. The factors considered were divorce rate, commute times, unemployment, violent crime, property crime, suicides, alcohol consumption, mental health, sleep troubles, and the annual amount of cloudy days.

While most tourists are insulated from the problems of the locals, there might come a time when travelers are adversely affected by the poor economy and other issues. We've seen some of that with the increased crime and panhandling on the Strip, although an increased police presence seems to have cracked down on that somewhat.