Monday, March 21, 2011

Undercover Boss - MGM Grand

MGM Grand COO Scott Sibella was on the most recent episode of the CBS show Undercover Boss. If you haven't seen the show, the premise is that someone in upper management of a company goes undercover to work with the employees in order to see what's going on with the daily operations and to see if anything can be done better. Most of the time the employees are great, down-on-their-luck people and the boss ends up giving them a promotion or a raise.

In the MGM Grand episode Sibella worked on the casino floor as a blackjack and roulette dealer. He walked the slot floor trying to get people to sign up for players cards. He also worked the front desk of the hotel. All of the employees turned out to be great people (probably not a coincidence) and were rewarded for their efforts at the end of the show.

Aside from a few unique Las Vegas scenes (including a cool time-lapse of the Mirage construction) this episode was pretty much in-line with other episodes of Undercover Boss that I've seen. It gives some insight into the inner workings of a casino, but nothing that any true Vegas fan hasn't seen before.

You can watch the full episode at CBS.