Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flamingo Pool Changes for 2011

There are some changes scheduled to take place at the Flamingo pool this summer. Flamingo announced these changes on their facebook page.

They first posted:

The Beach Club Pool (formerly the Go Pool) is now open to Flamingo guests of all ages! The new 18+ Go Pool (formerly the Lagoon Pool) opens April 1.

The post sparked many comments of confusion which resulted in Flamingo posting this follow up:

Here's what we've been able to find out.

1) There is no fee for hotel guests to use either pool.
2) The waterslides will be open and accessible from both pools, they are scheduled to open on April 1.
3) The reason the new Go Pool (the larger p...ool) is not opening yet is because we are installing a new sound system and performing additional construction.
4) The new Go Pool will not offer European style bathing - it is simply restricted to 18+ guests.

We're still waiting for the dust to settle (literally and figuratively) but we will update you on the details as soon as we hear them.

And then finally:

Here's a few more details on our pools.

Part of the rationale for the change was to give all of our guests access to the Beach Club Café - previously, due to its location in a 21+ pool, grabbing a poolside bite to eat with the kids presented... a bit of a challenge.

Also, some of the additional improvements that we're making to the new Go Pool include new chairs, new day beds and a new bar.

We believe that these changes will provide a more pleasant pool experience for guests of all ages, by giving families a dedicated (and frankly, beautiful) space all their own, while giving our adult guests a place to party outside the presence of children.

Given the percentage of our guests who travel with their children, we do not anticipate overcrowding at the Beach Club Pool to be an issue.

We do appreciate your feedback on this matter, and rest assured that we have shared all of your concerns with our management team.


The biggest concern switching the pools is that the former Go Pool (now the family friendly pool) isn't very big. If I had to guess I would say that it only comprises about 25% of the total pool area. If they include the waterside pools in the family friendly area, the balance might be more like 50-50.

You may not think there are a lot of kids in Vegas, but Flamingo is a very popular choice for families because of the great pools. Reducing the amount of already crowded family friendly space might be a mistake.

Adults without kids might not like the change either, because they will have to switch from the quiet, secluded smaller pool to the larger, louder and likely more crowded big pool.

Personally I liked things the way they were before. I didn't even mind paying extra to get into the small, under-crowded adult only pool (with the added bonus of maybe seeing some European sunbathers back when they allowed that). In Las Vegas changes happen often though, so I guess I'll have to roll with the punches.