Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ultimate Holiday Gift Diamond Card Package

Have you always wanted a Total Rewards Diamond Card, but didn't want to gamble the required amount to get one? Now you can buy Diamond Card status by purchasing a special "Ultimate Holiday Gift" package for a stay at Caesars Palace, Paris or Planet Hollywood.

Packages start at $699 and include 2 nights, limo to and from the airport, $200 food and beverage credit and Diamond Card status throughout your stay. You also get a private trip concierge to help you book the trip.

This package is meant to be given as a gift, so I presume it would work similarly to a gift card. You give someone the gift, then they call the private trip concierge and book the package.

If you can use this package on a weekend (I didn't see anything that said you can't, although the fine print says "Subject to availability. Blackout dates apply.") it might be a pretty good deal. Let's use Paris as an example at $719. The package gives you a Red Room, which on average could run you around $500 for the weekend. Add the food credit and limo and you are getting $750 worth of stuff for $719, plus the perks of a Diamond Card.

It might be a bit of a splurge for the low rollers out there, but I think it could be worth it to get some VIP Diamond Card treatment for a weekend.

Check out Caesars Total Experiences for details.
NOTE: The package is advertised as "Only available for the holidays."