Monday, January 11, 2016

Encore Player's Club

One of the narratives in Las Vegas news lately has been the premise that young people don't gamble. This has led to casinos trying different things to try to get young people interested in gambling.

Skill based slot machines are going to be hitting the floor in 2016. I think skill based machines are exciting and have lots of potential, but only time will tell if they actually catch on.

Another thing casinos are doing is to combine the casino with the nightclub. Last year The Palazzo introduced the Lavo Casino Club which essentially added a few table games to the restaurant and nightclub.

More recently Encore has introduced the Player's Club. This area off the casino floor is essentially a lounge with casino games alongside non-casino games such as pool and bar shuffleboard. Vital Vegas has posted a few photos of the Player's Club.

I think it's a good idea. If young people won't go to the casino, why not bring the casino to them. Someone might not want to seek out a casino gaming experience, but might play if a game is presented to them in a more relaxed environment.