Sunday, November 29, 2015

Casinos Test Drink Ticket System

A few months ago news spread that Mirage was testing a drink voucher system at one of their video poker bars.

Instead of the bartender giving free drinks while you are playing, you would have to "earn" the drink by playing a certain amount that would trigger your machine to print out a drink voucher.

Now several message boards are discussing a similar drink voucher system being installed at Cosmopolitan at their Bond bar.

I'm hoping this trend won't continue and that these experiments with drink vouchers at video poker bars won't prove to be successful. I really don't see how having a system like this is going to save the casino that much money.

Sure, some people like to take advantage by putting a $20 in and getting a few free drinks by slow playing the machine, but I think bartenders are pretty good at making sure people are actually playing before comping them.

While a drink ticket system is certainly annoying to players, it's not completely unheard of in Las Vegas as most sportsbooks around town have implemented a similar policy for better or worse.