Friday, October 02, 2015

Pete Rose Bar and Grill

Pete Rose has opened a restaurant in Las Vegas. In an interview with Robin Leach he introduced Pete Rose Bar and Grill, which will be open 24 hours a day.

The location is across the street from CityCenter, at the Hawaiian Marketplace. Although the official grand opening is in a few weeks, the restaurant is apparently open and ready for business.

Pete Rose Bar and Grill features dishes from places Pete Rose played baseball. For example Cincinnati Chili, Philly Cheese-steaks, and Montreal Poutine. Wait, Pete Rose played for the Montreal Expos?

It's also a good place to watch sports with 32 TV's - but you won't be able to bet on games here. Pete's still trying to get into the hall of fame after all.

I'm having trouble deciding if I think this will be successful or not. It's a good location on the Strip, but people tend to walk right on past the Hawaiian Marketplace without stopping. I think there was a failed sports-bar in this location previously, but they didn't have Pete Rose's name on the door and possibly Pete himself hanging out there.