Sunday, October 18, 2015

Passport to Fly to Las Vegas?

If you live in Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire or New York you might have to use a passport to board domestic flights starting in 2016.

Those four states use state issued drivers licenses that do not comply with stricter standards mandated by the federal government according to a CNN Money article.

Minnesota is most affected as their residents will likely have to start using passports on January 1, 2016. The other three states have later deadlines in 2016. Nothing is set in stone though, as extensions could be granted and drivers licenses could be changed to comply.

Las Vegas could be impacted, as three of the four states have listed Las Vegas as their favorite summer travel destination, according to Kayak data.

The need to use a passport could end up being a headache for residents of these states. Getting a new passport is somewhat of a hassle, not to mention the costs. I would imagine many flyers already have passports, but I'm sure many don't.