Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Alex and Mia Las Vegas Videos

Alex and Mia are YouTube vloggers who just a couple of days ago published a series of videos documenting a trip to Las Vegas. I was unfamiliar with Alex and Mia before stumbling upon these videos - but they have two hundred fifty thousand subscribers on YouTube so they're kind of a big deal - at least to a demographic ten to twenty years younger than the readers of this blog.

The first video (August 1, 2015) sets the stage. Alex and Mia (with another couple) travel from LA to Las Vegas for Mia's 21st birthday on Virgin America and check-in to a ridiculous suite at The Cosmopolitan before hitting the Bellagio buffet and doing some gambling at Harrah's. Everything is going well so far.

The next video (August 2, 2015) is where the trouble begins. It starts off with Alex showing off an amazing view of the south Strip and taking advantage of some lavender-peppermint shower gel before the group heads off to ride the High Roller. It looks like they were doing the open bar package and had a good bartender who poured them a shot when the wheel reached its highest point. Some nice Vegas footage here. They then headed to the new O'Sheas to play some beer pong. I haven't been in the new O'Sheas yet, but from the video it kind of reminded me of the old O'Sheas which is a very good sign.

At the 5:25 mark we learn The Cosmopolitan has failed Alex as he reveals he was (allegedly) robbed of a $100 casino chip by (allegedly) the Cosmo housekeeping staff. If that wasn't bad enough - at the 7:48 mark Alex tells us they also found bedbugs in their Cosmo suite. Here's a picture Mia posted on twitter of the bedbug:

After a long wait the group gets moved to another suite which is even better than the first. It must have been a wraparound as they had views of the south Strip along with a different view of the Bellagio fountains and the rest of center Strip.

The third video (August 3, 2015) opens with the view from yet another room as they were told the "eco test for bedbugs came back negative." Interesting. After a trip to Marquee Dayclub Alex and Mia head off to The Palms to dine at Alizé. I had actually never heard of this place that boasts "the most spectacular view in Las Vegas with French cuisine beyond imagination."

The final Las Vegas video (August 4, 2015) starts with Alex placing some insane sports-book wagers followed by the group heading down to Fremont Street.

So there you have it. I enjoyed the Vegas footage in these videos. It was definitely surprising to see the (alleged) theft and bedbug issues at a hotel as nice as The Cosmopolitan. I guess it's a reminder that unfortunate things can happen anywhere, even at the most expensive hotels.