Friday, July 10, 2015

Insert Coins has Closed

Downtown Las Vegas video game bar Insert Coins has closed according to Vital Vegas.

I was JUST thinking about this place the other day. I hadn't heard anything about it for a while (essentially since it had opened) so I was wondering if it was still around. When I did a quick search it looked like it was still open, but given the lack of buzz around it I'm not surprised in the least bit that it has closed.

Insert Coins was one of the bars that has helped lead the downtown resurgence over the past five years. It's sad to see a unique place like this close. I thought Insert Coins along with Swingers Club - the mini golf bar at The Plaza had potential to be fun, different places to hang out. Both seemed to struggle after the initial buzz though (although Insert Coins lasted way longer than Swingers Club).

The number of people who would be attracted to a classic video game bar seems like a small niche. It's also hard to have places like this in Las Vegas where most tourists would rather play video poker or craps. It makes me wonder how Top Golf will do when it opens next year at MGM Grand. That's a more established concept, but will people go there with so many other entertainment options? Would a Dave and Busters try opening on the Strip? Probably not.