Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EDC and Rock In Rio - Thoughts on Future

With Rock In Rio and Electric Daisy Carnival 2015 both in the rear view mirror, it got me thinking about the future of these two massive Las Vegas music festivals.

Rock In Rio seemed to have a lukewarm reception and there were rumors that attendance was a disappointment. That being said, the organizers appear to be going ahead with future events, insisting that Rock In Rio 2017 will be bigger and better. I agree that the second time around will likely be better. Marketing an event that already exists will be much more effective. Taking a year off will also help build some pent up demand for festival goers.

EDC appeared to be a huge hit this year, sparking major buzz across social media. It even featured celebrity guests. With a major event like this I can't help but think the hotel operators on the Strip will want to get in on the action eventually (other than having sold out rooms and a shuttle to the event). MGM Resorts boss Jim Murren has touted bringing more music festivals to the Strip. Could an EDC move to the City of Rock / Rock In Rio / North Strip location be an eventual possibility? Maybe not, since that site is much smaller than the Las Vegas Speedway, but having part of the festival on the Strip could be an idea.