Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lawsuit against Resort Fees

A California man has filed a lawsuit against The Venetian and The Palazzo alleging that the $28 a night resort fee was not disclosed at the time of booking.

While I don't think this particular lawsuit will go very far in eliminating resort fees, it's nice to see some mainstream media attention pointing out what loyal Las Vegas fans have known for a while - that resort fees are a nuisance with the potential to put a serious damper on a vacation.

Many people compare resort fees to airline baggage fees - but at least with the airlines you could theoretically choose to avoid the fee by not checking (or even carrying) a bag. With the hotel fees you are pretty much stuck with the fee no matter what.

Since resort fees are very profitable for hotels, they are probably here to stay. I just hope that actions like this lawsuit will at least make the public aware of the fees so they aren't totally blindsided when they check in to their hotel stay.