Thursday, March 05, 2015

Jon Taffer Opening Las Vegas Bar

Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue TV fame will be opening a Las Vegas bar in the coming months. Taffer talked about the nightclub industry in a recent three part interview with Robin Leach.

Although the new yet unnamed venue will likely be considered more of a bar than a nightclub, Taffer hinted that the bar would have a dance floor, which would allow it to take advantage of the red hot nightclub market and allow the bar to stay hopping well into the morning hours.

Taffer also seems to think there is great opportunity for new bars to cater to the under served mid-market crowd in Las Vegas. With high priced nightclubs being all the rage lately, the mid-market seems to be ignored somewhat. Taffer thinks giving people a better value would let them make more return trips to Las Vegas.

Viewers of Bar Rescue might not know that Jon Taffer lives in Las Vegas. He was a founder of the Nightclub & Bar Show - one of the largest trade conventions for that industry. The 30th annual edition of the Nightclub & Bar Show will take place in Vegas from March 30 to April 1, 2015.