Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Pop-Up Wedding Chapel at Cosmopolitan

I found it odd when Cosmopolitan opened they didn't have some of the traditional Las Vegas staples that you would find at most hotels.

Since then they have added two of those things. A sportsbook and now a wedding chapel.

The chapel though, like many things at Cosmo, has a twist. It looks like it was designed to be intentionally tacky and a parody of of the stereotypical Las Vegas wedding.

One of the most popular packages will likely be the "Faux Ceremony" where participants can post pictures on facebook without the commitment.

The chapel will do real weddings too, at an extra cost of course. You need to bring a marriage license for the ceremony to be legally binding though.

The venue is behind glass right near the entrance of the hotel, which will surely attract gawkers walking on the Strip.

So if you're planning a wedding, real or fake, check out Pop-Up Wedding Chapel for all the info.