Thursday, August 25, 2011

Veer Towers Wind Tunnel

Sportswriter Bill Barnwell of Grantland has recently moved to Las Vegas to write about living on the Strip for a year.

He is renting an apartment in the Veer Towers at CityCenter and recently wrote about a strange phenomenon that occurs when the wind blows at Veer:

"I was lucky to get a place in the West property that faces away from the sister tower — according to residents who live in the section of the East tower that faces west, the building is subject to a loud, sustained whistling noise that occurs any time the desert wind whips past the building. This sound makes living in the apartment impossible and forces MGM, who still owns the building, to put any resident who complains in the adjacent Vdara Hotel & Spa for a free stay. The estimate I heard for how many times this has happened in 2011 was in the mid-20s."

This is a relatively small problem that will go unnoticed by most Las Vegas visitors, but it still makes me scratch my head about CityCenter. Almost every building at the complex has had issues:

Aria: Visitors have complained that it's too far away from the Strip, and the main show Viva Elvis is already getting a makeover.

Vdara: The only restaurant closed back in March, and they also have the Vdara Sun Ray.

Crystals: Has been relatively trouble free aside from vistors complaining that it's an underwhelming shopping mall. Eve nightclub closed but that's not really their fault.

Harmon Hotel: Never opened and probably is going to be imploded, pending County approval.

Veer Towers: Wind Tunnel.

Mandarin Oriental: Is the big winner, as I can't think of any glaring issues.