Saturday, August 13, 2011

CBS 1960's Las Vegas Crime Drama

1960's era Las Vegas might be coming to your television screen soon. CBS is developing a series based on the life and times of Ralph Lamb, the former Las Vegas sheriff (from 1961-1979) who battled the mob and helped form the Metro Police Department.

While the show is still in early stages, it looks promising. Nicholas Pileggi will be doing most of the writing. His previous work includes Goodfellas and Casino, so he knows his way around a good drama. Walk The Line director James Mangold is also attached to the project.

If the show makes it on the air, it will be fascinating to see how they re-create 1960's Las Vegas. They definitely can't use many of the current Las Vegas buildings. Maybe the Riviera and some parts of downtown. They'll most certainly need to build a large sound-stage like Boardwalk Empire did to recreate 1920's Atlantic City.

For more about the show: The Hollywood Reporter.