Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 Dice Football

3 Dice Football has hit Las Vegas. The new game is currently available at O'Sheas. Most of the new table games introduced are card games, so it's pretty rare and exciting to see a new dice game.

The game is similar to craps in that you are either betting for the shooter to score a touchdown, or against the shooter "playing defense." Like in craps, if a touchdown is scored the shooter keeps rolling. Also similar to craps are the many prop bets that can be placed on each role of the dice.

The shooter starts at the twenty yard line and tries to score a touchdown with a possible first down at the 10 yard line. The shooter has three throws, or "downs" to get a first down (or touchdown).

There are two green dice and one red. The yardage gained is the value of the green dice minus the value of the red. You can score an instant touchdown by throwing "triples." A one yard penalty occurs when the total of green dice is lower than the red die, and a turnover happens when a red 6 is rolled with a green 1-1 or 1-2.

I think 3 Dice Football looks like a lot of fun. I like craps but it can be devastating when that seven wipes out your whole roll. In this game it seems tough to lose on one roll, and you could even hedge against a turnover for a 66-1 payoff. I don't know what the math looks like in terms of house edge, but I can't wait to play it nonetheless.

UPDATE - July 17, 2017: It appears the game never caught on, and is nowhere to be found anymore.