Monday, January 03, 2011

Star Power at Marquee Grand Opening

Marquee, the new club at The Cosmopolitan opened with a huge New Year's Eve party this past weekend.

So many celebrities were at the club that it will be hard to list them all but here's a sampling of the bigger names at the party:

50 Cent
Alex Rodriguez
Aziz Ansari
Blake Lively
Cameron Diaz
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Forest Whitaker
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jennifer Lopez
John Mayer
Kanye West
Kirsten Dunst
Marc Anthony
Mark Wahlberg

Along with this list, there were many, many more lesser known celebrities at the grand opening.

It looks like Marquee will quickly become a very hot spot in Las Vegas. I don't know that much about the nightclub scene but I think the general consensus is that XS at Encore is the hottest club in town. I wonder if Marquee can challenge XS for that top spot?