Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aria TV Commercial - The Center of Attraction

Aria has a new TV commercial. It shows a couple doing a variety of things, including:

- Checking into the hotel.
- Playing a little roulette.
- Dining at what looks to be a private restaurant.
- Dancing and walking around the property including through the pocket park.
- Setting a bar on fire.
- Swimming in the pool in the middle of the night with their clothes on.

I don't think you're really allowed to do those last two things. The commercial finishes with a few exterior shots of the hotel and a narrator says "The center of attraction has shifted. Aria Resort and Casino at CityCenter Las Vegas."

The song is "Coleen" by The Heavy.

I like this commercial. It shows people having fun at Aria, which isn't something I've seen in previous marketing efforts from them. Even though the commercial is unrealistic with the couple having the hotel to themselves and doing some things that are against the rules, it still makes Aria look like a place to be.

If they were looking to compete with the highly successful Cosmopolitan commercial, I think they did a good job.

Rumor has it the commercial will play during the SAG Awards on January 30th.

UPDATE: April 4, 2011.

I saw this commercial on TV today. It appears they have changed the ending slightly. Instead of saying "The center of attraction has shifted," it now says "The center of Las Vegas has shifted." There's also a graphic on the screen with the new tagline. I'm guessing that some viewers of the first version of the commercial didn't realize this was a Las Vegas hotel.