Thursday, October 07, 2010

Plaza Buys Fontainebleau Furniture

A few days ago it was revealed that most the the furniture at the stalled Fontainebleau project would be sold off at auction.

Today a story in the Las Vegas Sun reported that much of that furniture was purchased by the owners of the Plaza hotel, which is scheduled to close for renovation this November. Plaza's newly remodeled rooms will be fitted with "Wallpaper, carpet, tile, sofas, chairs, desks, dressers, side tables and bed frames" that were originally intended to be used in the rooms at Fontainebleau.

It appears the owners of the Plaza might actually be serious about renovating the property. When it was announced that the hotel was closing, many people speculated that this would be another Lady Luck or Binion's situation, where the hotel would close and not actually be worked on for a long time. It looks like this is not the case, as the project has a set budget ($20 million) and re-opening date (September 2011). Now they have some brand new swanky furniture to go along with it, purchased for pennies on the dollar.