Thursday, August 05, 2010

Las Vegas Commercials coming to NFL Broadcasts

The National Football League is now going to allow Las Vegas advertisements on NFL TV broadcasts. Previously the league had banned Las Vegas advertising during games. The commercials will still have to fit a strict criteria though as references to gaming, specific hotels, and potentially suggestive ads (like the What Happens Here Stays Here campaign) are still banned.

The NFL gave Vegas commercials a trial run during the 2010 playoffs and it was apparently successful enough to allow the advertising to continue into this regular season.

While I can understand why the NFL wouldn't want to advertise gambling, many have pointed out that they have no problem advertising products like alcohol and Viagra (although they do ban certain other products). Either way Las Vegas is much more than gaming nowadays so I don't think the restrictions will hinder the overdue marketing of the city on NFL broadcasts. It should be a win-win for both Vegas and the NFL.

Source: Las Vegas Sun.