Tuesday, June 08, 2010

True Beauty - ABC Show

I stumbled upon the ABC reality show "True Beauty" last night. The contestants on the show think that they are on a show called "Face of Vegas" where they are auditioning to become a spokesperson for the city of Las Vegas. In reality they are being secretly judged on their character along with their real spokesperson skills.

The show is pretty much mindless reality fare, but it is chock full of Vegasy stuff. The majority of the show takes place at Planet Hollywood (does every Vegas show or movie take place there?), and in the episode I watched they were hanging out at some pretty noticeable landmarks, including the pool and the CHI Showroom. Penn and Teller made an appearance which is always a plus. Establishing shots of the strip were also plentiful.

The show is nothing special, but I will probably continue to watch because of the Vegas scenes alone. You can watch full episodes online at ABC.com.