Monday, June 28, 2010

Cosmopolitan to open December 15th

We had previously known that The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas would be opening in December. This week the hotel announced the official date as December 15th. They posted this information on their facebook page.

The Cosmo will start to accept reservations any day now. It will be interesting to see what type of rates will be offered. Considering most of the hotel rooms were originally meant to be sold as condo units they are probably larger than the average Vegas room. Also most (if not all) of the rooms will have balconies which is rare in Las Vegas.

So what will a condo style room with balcony at the newest hotel on the Strip which just happens to have a great location cost? I'm going to guess the average standard rates will be around $250 weekend and $150 midweek. This would put it more or less in-line with Aria. I think they might even be able to get away with charging a little more than Aria because of the (slightly) better location and presumably larger rooms.