Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Next Big Las Vegas Headliner - Terry Bradshaw?

Michael Hiestand of USA Today is reporting that Terry Bradshaw might be preparing for a Las Vegas Show:

Fox's Terry Bradshaw begins rehearsals next-month for a one-man Las Vegas show that, he says, will be "kind of a Mark Twain thing where he'd give his philosophy of life and people would listen." Bradshaw says "he's not going to do it unless it's really good" and "for Vegas, it has to have a lot of humor." So, he says, "I'm coming out in a spandex thong thing to get the crowd going." He's probably joking.

At first this seems like a crazy idea, but I think Bradshaw might have enough appeal to make this a success, at least for a little while. We'll have to see if this actually happens.

Source: USA Today.