Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Four Arenas Proposed for Las Vegas

Four different developers have proposed new arena projects for Las Vegas. Right now the Thomas and Mack Center is the biggest arena in Vegas, but it lacks modern amenities of current stadiums. Many people want a new arena in Las Vegas to help keep top events in the city such as boxing, UFC, and the Rodeo. A new arena would also be key in attracting a professional basketball or hockey team.

The four proposed locations are:

-North Strip between Riviera and Sahara.
-Central Strip behind Imperial Palace.
-South Strip near South Point.

Out of these locations I think the North Strip location would probably be best. The North Strip could use something like this. It would provide a much needed shot in the arm for the existing properties over there, along with giving a reason for the former Fontainebleau to open.

Of course, it will be a while before any of these plans gets off the ground. All of the projects will require tax payer money, which might be a big hurdle.