Thursday, May 26, 2016

Support Las Vegas Dome Video

The Oakland Raiders have been talking about moving to Las Vegas. A new hotel tax would pay for much of the proposed new stadium, with the Raiders and Sheldon Adelson picking up the rest of the tab.

Adelson and Las Vegas Sands look to be stepping up their live entertainment game. A new football stadium would complement the new music arena that was announced yesterday.

The location for the stadium is still in question. An announced UNLV site near Tropicana Avenue looks less and less likely. Sands is pushing for the former Riviera site because they don't want the competing convention center to be expanded. Downtown Las Vegas might also be on the table.

While I still think the Raiders to Las Vegas is a longshot, talks are getting more and more serious by the day. A new video was released on YouTube by an organization called "Support Las Vegas Dome" which shows a variety of community leaders and football people (including Raiders owner Mark Davis) talking about how great a stadium in Las Vegas would be.