Thursday, July 28, 2011

CityCenter Artwork Mocked

The artwork at CityCenter has been spoofed by local Las Vegas artist Justin Favela. He has created cardboard replicas mocking many of the art pieces at CityCenter.

Instead of the Maya Lin's "Silver River" representation of the Colorado River that stands above the check-in counter at Aria, Favela has created "Las Vegas Wash" which depicts the flow of sewage water made out of chicken wire and aluminum foil.

Instead of Claes Oldenburg's "Typewriter Eraser," Favela has created a giant backspace key made out of cardboard.

Favela mocked the art because he was annoyed at CityCenter's attempt to fabricate a new urban center by purchasing expensive artwork and telling people what real art is. A video by The Wall Street Journal profiled Favela's efforts: